Tuition Fees
Wisdom Academy has made its quality education programs more accessible for students and parents by making fees affordable giving access to learning excellence.

Service Fee Remarks
Registration fee $250 Non-refundable
Tuition fee (International student) $1800/course
Tuition fee (Online school) $980/course
TOFEL/IELTS Language Tutoring $1200/4weeks class of 3-5
TOFEL/IELTS Language VIP Tutoring $2800/4weeks 1 to 1
University application service fee $3000 1 to 1, including 4 universities
Tuition fee for Canadian University VIP class $28,000 ~ $34,000/year
Guardianship Fee for underage student $1500/year For 10 months
Underage Student Guardian Notarization Document Attorney Fee $100 One time charge
Insurance $600/year
Student accommodation fee $5,000~$7000/10 months Based on room type
Student food expense $600/month Including breakfast, lunch, dinner on weekdays only.

* All fees are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes. For more questions, please contact us or visit our admission office.