Students need to satisfy and complete following requirements to obtain OSSD:

  • 18 compulsory credits
  • 12 optional credits
  • 40 hours of community involvement activities
  • the provincial secondary school literacy requirement

 18 Compulsory Credits:

Students must earn the following 18 compulsory credits in order to obtain the Ontario secondary School Diploma:

4 Credits English (1 credit per grade) *
1 Credit French as a second language
3 Credits Mathematics (1 at the Senior Level)
2 Credits Science
1 Credit Canadian geography (Grade 9)
1 Credit Canadian history (Grade 10)
1 Credit Arts credit (any of visual arts, music, drama, dance)
1 Credit Health and physical education
0.5 Credit Civics
0.5 Credit Career studies


Plus one credit from the following groups:

One additional credit in English, OR French as a second language OR a native language OR classical and international language OR social sciences and the humanities OR Canadian and world studies OR guidance and career education OR cooperative education **

One additional credit in health and physical education OR the arts OR business studies, OR cooperative education **

One additional credit in science (Grade 11-12) OR computer studies (Grade 10-12) OR technological education (Grade 9-12), OR cooperative education **

* A maximum of 3 credits in English as a second language (ESL) or English Literacy Development (ELD) may be counted towards the 4 compulsory credits in English, but the fourth must by a credit earned for a Grade 12 compulsory English course.

**  A maximum of 2 credits in cooperative education can count as compulsory credits.

Optional Credits:

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 12 optional credits that can be selected by students from available courses. Our guidance always help and guide students and parents to choose their optional courses for OSSD. Students and parents should consider the abilities and interests of the student, the academic requirements to pursue post-secondary education, and career goals.

Students are required to check pre-requisites when choosing their optional courses since most courses are sequential in nature. We are happy to assist students and parents if they have any concerns about course selection.

Community Involvement hours

As part of the OSSD requirements, every student must complete 40 hours of community involvement prior to graduation.  The purpose of this requirement is to:

  • promote community values by helping students understand how they can make a positive difference within the community;
  • increase students’ awareness of community needs;
  • develop a positive self-image and a greater sense of identity within the community.

Students are required to obtain “Community Activity Record” form from the guidance and should take the responsibility of maintaining accurate record of completed community hours. Students should also select the community activities from activities that are declared eligible.

Provincial secondary school literacy requirement

All Grade 10 students in Ontario will be required to complete OSSLT which measure basic English literacy levels: reading and writing skills. Successful completion of the OSSLT is a mandatory requirement for all students in order to successfully obtain OSSD.

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