Canadian Students

High School Credit Courses
Wisdom Academy offers High School Credit Courses for Ontario High School Students. High School students can complete thier high school credit courses at Wisdom Academy and registration will be at any time of the year. Once completed, Wisdom Academy will transfer credits obtained at Wisdom Academy to the home school of the student if the home school of the student is not the Wisdom Academy.
Credit Courses

Canadian students who want to complete credit courses will pay Regular tuition fee, which can be found on the tuition fee page. There may be early registration discounts for students who enroll early. Students can get a discount when they register for multiple courses in the same semester.

Students can complete their credit courses either part time or full time basis.

At Wisdom Academy, students can chose the program that suits their requirements among our day programs, evening programs, night programs and summer programs.

Our credit courses are offered in four terms; Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Fall Semester: September – November

Winter Semester: December – January

Spring Semester: February – June

Summer Semester: July Session (July 1 – July 31)

August Session (August 1 – August 30)

Summer School

Wisdom Academy Summer school will be held in July and August. Students will be able to complete their credit courses either in July Session or August Session.

In 2013 July Session runs from July 1st to July 30th and August session runs from August 1 to ugust 30. Classes will be held from Monday to Friday.

We also offer a fast track program for students who can not attend the regular programs and want to complete the program faster:

Part time /Full time Programs
Day / Evening/ Night School programs
Summer Credit Courses
Fast Track Credit Courses
IELTS/TOFEL Preparation Courses
SAT Preparation Courses
ESL Courses